About the USG

The Undergraduate Student Government derives its power from the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees. We are governed by the USG Constitution and the USG Bylaws. The USG exists to represent the interests of the student body. It allocates the Student Activities Trust Fund and promotes student activities and involvement on campus. And it is made up of three branches, the Executive, The Legislative, and the Judicial, much like the federal government.

The Executive

The Executive is made up of the President, Vice President, and the Cabinet. The President speaks with the voice of the student body. The members of the Cabinet are assigned to represent students on the various faculty, facility and academic committees on campus, as well as taking up individual and collaborative projects to represent the student body in almost any capacity, on and off campus.

The Legislative

The Legislative is made up of the Undergraduate Student Senate. The Student Senate is lead by the Speaker of the Senate and Vice Speaker of the Senate. The Senate is composed of the Budget and Finance committee, responsible for allocating the Student Activities Trust Fund, Campus and Community Affairs, responsible for interfacing and promoting the USG to the student body, and the Student Events and Organizations Committee, responsible for funding and supporting Registered Student Organizations on campus.

The full Student Senate General Assembly takes place every other Wednesday during the semester at 3:00 pm in University Hall Room Y02-2110. General Assemblies are open to the public, and welcome students and faculty attendance. There is an opportunity for general discussion during open forum near the end of our General Assembly, or you can contact studentgovernment@umb.edu to see about getting your particular issue on the agenda. For more information, find us in the Campus Center 3404.03. Call us at 617-287-7970 or email us at studentgovernment@umb.edu and view our meetings at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZF6k1yVTVZbBormUPljUQ?view_as=subscriber%5C.

The Judicial

The Judicial Branch is responsible for making sure all USG activities are in compliance with all governing documents, conducting trials of impeachment, and for upholding rules and regulations during elections. Anyone looking for official USG records should also contact the Judiciary at studentgovernment@umb.edu