The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is responsible for keeping all USG activity in accordance with our governing documents and all overarching policy. The Judicial Branch also keeps all official USG records and assists other branches of the USG as necessary. Members of the Judicial Branch are called Justices. Justices are typically logical individuals with a mind for regulations.

Current Judicial Branch Members
Chief Justice - John Patrick Moylan
Associate Justice - Angie Klepach

Justices are appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and serve a two year term. Email the Judicial Branch at

Requests of the Judiciary

Records Requests - A primary duty of the Judiciary is that of record keeper. They are tasked with keeping documents from all meetings and committees. Individuals or organizations who would like a copy of any USG documents, including agendas or minutes, may email the Judiciary. Students may be asked to pay the costs of copying records in excess of two (2.)

Impeachment, Judicial Review, Elections Disputes - The Judiciary is responsible for making sure all actions of the USG are in accordance with the bylaws and all relevant policies. In the event that there is question about whether any of regulations have been broken, the Judicial Branch is tasked with sorting it out. Anyone wishing to pursue Impeachment, Judicial Review or Elections Disputes may email the Judiciary and file their grievances in accordance with the bylaws. The Judicial will guide you through that process.

A universal form for filing complaints may be found here.