Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for allocating the Student Activities Trust Fund, which is made up of the Student Activities fee. This fund covers all student clubs, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, the Harbor Art Gallery, the Student Arts and Events Council, as well as funding for special events and new student initiatives.

Requesting Sponsorship from the General Contingency Fund

The Budget and Finance Committee also manages the General Contingency Fund, which sponsors special events for the UMass Boston Community. Funds from the GCF have gone to alternative spring/winter break relief trips, such as Hurricane Katrina relief in New Orleans; fundraising events on campus, such as the Beacon Dash; bringing guest speakers to campus, such as poet Jericho Brown; and sponsoring special, multi-part events, such as the Student Senate-organized Distinguished Alumni Dinner.

Budget and Finance Request Guide | Request Form (Electronic Submission)

You can contact the Budget and Finance Committee by emailing StudentGovernment@umb.edu or by visiting the Senate office during scheduled office hours.