Academic Year '18-'19

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Title Kind Content Date Year Action
SENATE ORDER. . . . . No. CSR-2018F-001 Legislation A Resolution calling for the Undergraduate Student Government to respectfully ask that the administration of the University of Massachusetts Boston install at least two new flag poles, of appropriate prominence, holding the American Flag and the flag of the Commonwealth, in front of the Campus Center. Passed 10/24/2018 Oct 24 2018 '18-'19
SENATE ORDER. . . . . No. TEA-2018F-001 Legislation An Act calling for the establishment of the Student Organizations Taskforce, a taskforce to address concerns of the Campus Center student club/center wings, 3100 and 3300 and recommend solutions to the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) which represent the needs of the clubs and centers that occupy the space. Passed 10/24/2018 Oct 24 2018 '18-'19